Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Electrical Floorplan is free to download on Apple iOS. We offer a free 1 month trial with full access to all our features.


After your 1 month free trial your subscription will automatically begin unless you cancel it during the trial period. If you cancel, your app will be downgraded to a limited-use free version after your trial period ends.


To unlock the full features of the app again, please subscribe by selecting a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription in the app.

The free version of our app comes with certain restrictions. The icons available to you in the free version are:


• Double Switched Socket Outlet
• 1 Gang Switch
• Downlight
• 5 amp lighting point
• Pendant
• Cooker Point
• Line Draw


The following functions are unavailable in the free version of our app:


• Message
• Mail
• Add to Notes
• Copy to Books
• Copy to Outlook
• Copy, Print or Create PDF.

Download our app and launch it. Click the settings icon and select upgrade. Choose a plan and you will automatically receive a free 1 month trial. You will not be charged until your free trial is over. Cancel anytime during your free trial and you will not be charged.

Easy Electrical Floorplan offer clear and transparent pricing. Simply pay a subscription and get access to all the apps features. The following pricing applies:

• 1 Month @ £5.99

• 3 Months @ £15.99

• 6 Months @ £30.99

• 12 Months @ £59.99

We offer a free 1 month trial with full access to premium.

Easy Electrical Floorplan recommend the use of a tablet pencil which will significantly improve accuracy and usability.

Easy Electrical Floorplan is compatible with dropbox and the majority of other storage services. Make sure that you have your storage service connected to your tablet, then simply select the storage folder and browse for any files in it.


Note: Due to many permission restrictions with external applications, you may not be able to save your projects directly to an external storage service. For this reason, you will need to save your project to your device and then manually upload it to your storage service through their supported applications.

Not at the moment, we are still developing the android version of Easy Electrical Floorplan. We hope to release this by July 2019.


To upload a floor plan, simply create a new project and press the (+) icon at the top of the screen. Select your floor plan and the app will render it to your screen.

Easy Electrical Floorplan is compatible with PDF or JPG/PNG floor plans. Simply upload them in your project and the app will render them onto the screen.

To rotate a component, simply tap on it. Each tap will rotate your component / icon by 45°

To delete a component, please tap the icon and hold for 3 seconds.

To move a component please tap and hold the icon and then drag it to your desired location

Unfortunately the app does not have the capability to render DWG or CAD plans. Please export these plans into PDF, then you can upload them to your project to begin working.

Upon installing our app, a folder called "Electrical Floorplan" will be created on your device. By default, your projects will be stored here unless you select a different destination.

Easy Electrical Floorplan provides functionality that enables you to zoom in and out of your floor plan. This is especially useful when trying to accurately place small components onto the plan.


Please note

The padlock icon, when clicked, will lock your floor plan into place which makes it easier for you to tap icons without moving the underlying floor plan. We recommend using this function when moving, rotating or deleting your components from the plan.

Project Pricing

Easy Electrical Floorplan enables you to set global pricing for components that are applied to every project. This is a useful tool that will save you time on every project.

You can override global pricing for specific projects by going to the "Project Costs" page in your app project.


You will see that the app has automatically shown the name and quantity of components / icons that you have placed on the plan. To change the price, simply tap on the number field and enter your cost. The app will update the total by multiplying this price with the quantity.

We understand that our app may not always have all the components you need to price up a project. For this reason, there is a custom fixture option that allows you to add an unlimited amount of custom fixtures to your project.

Price inflation allows you to apply a percentage margin to the unit cost of each component in your project. This is especially useful if you charge a service fee or percentage for purchasing all the components / fixtures.

The price inflation that you apply within each project is NOT visible on the exported document, so rest assured that your clients will not see that you have inflated any prices.

Exporting Projects

Easy Electrical Floorplan enables you to export a PDF document to present to clients or colleagues. Simply tap the menu icon (3 circles) and select Export > Create PDF. The rendered PDF consists of the following elements:


• A front page with the project title and any client details / notes you add to the "Client Details" box in the app.


• Your completed floor plan(s) with icons/components present.


• A project cost table showing the name and quantity of components you have applied to your floor plan.


• A full component reference (aka Key Menu)


• A disclaimer stamped to the bottom of every page in your document (apart from the component reference).


If you make a mistake, simply open your project in the app and make the necessary changes. You can then regenerate another PDF file after you've made the required changes.

Yes, simply tap the menu icon (3 circles), click export and select print. You will need to have a printer connected to your device for this to work.