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Electrical Floor Plan App

An app built 

An App Built
By Electricians For Electricians

The easy electrical floor plan app is the perfect tool for creating, editing and sharing electrical floor plans. With 70+ electrical components available in the library – as well as a a full spectrum of functions to help you share and export your projects – it is the must have tool for any electrician or electrical engineer.

Download the app today and get a 1 month free trial with full access to all our features!

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Awesome Features

Upload Custom Floor Plans

Easy Electrical Floorplan allows you to upload your custom floor plans in PDF or image format. Simply click the upload button, select the file and the app will render your floor plan onto the screen.

Easy Electrical Floorplan supports both single and multiple page PDF files, enabling you to complete an entire project – with multiple floor plans – from the same screen!


Choose from 70+ components

Easy Electrical Floorplan has 70+ electrical components that you can use in your projects. You can also use our custom line draw tool to connect them up! We don’t restrict the number of components you can place in your projects – unlimited components, forever!

A full list of components and labels are available for you to view in the app. The full menu is also exported onto the back page of every project automatically.

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Configure Client Details

Easy Electrical Floorplan enables you to add your clients details to the project. You can use this space to add things like:
These details are automatically printed onto the front-page of your exported project.

Full Pricing Report

Easy Electrical Floorplan gives you full control of your pricing for every project.

Every component you place on the plan is automatically added to the pricing table. Simply enter the price for each component and the app will calculate the total for you.

Easy Electrical Floorplan saves you time by allowing you to configure the global price for each type of component so that it’s automatically applied to every project by default.

Want to inflate the price of components? Simply enter a percentage and click apply. Easy Electrical Floorplan will re-calculate the total and hide any evidence of price inflation on the exported document.

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Export & Share

Create a professional looking PDF document that you can present to clients. With just two taps, you can have a complete project specification generated in seconds.

Easy Electrical Floorplan also allows you to save, store and share projects with team members.

Simple Pricing

We offer simple, clear and transparent pricing. Pay a monthly subscription and get full access to all our features! You’ll also receive a free 1 month trial with any plan. Download the app, upgrade and get a free 1 month trial. Cancel anytime.

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